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BOSABO is a family owned and operated company now in its fourth generation devoted to the manufacture of wood bottom shoes including clogs, sandals and boots. Located in Brittany, France, BOSABO was established in the 1890’s when Emile Adouin bundled up his tools and went from farm to farm to hand-carve tailor made clogs for the farmers on site. The company is today operating under the direction of Joel Adouin and is the only remaining workshop in France specialising in the manufacture of clogs. BOSABO’s styling has continually evolved, particularly with the introduction of the revolutionary new flexi sole, but the DNA of the company remains the same and many of the traditional artisan manufacturing processes have been preserved.

BOSABO is also an eco-conscious company that really walks the talk. The wood used to carve the soles of their shoes comes from local sustainable plantation forests in Brittany. The off-cuts are even used to heat the atelier in winter. And the prime quality leather used is almost exclusively sourced from French tanneries that employ vegetable tanning processes which are better for the environment and for your feet!

In an age where independent boutiques and concept stores are fighting to stay relevant and competitive in an ever changing and difficult retail climate, BOSABO offers their customers the possibility to stand out from the pack. All BOSABO shoes are handmade for each and every retail customer, allowing them to customise their orders and truly differentiate their product offering. This enables BOSABO’s stockists to promote their shoes as unique and exclusive to their boutiques...and they can communicate this through their marketing and social media channels.

Key to BOSABO’s success in the competitive footwear market is also the fact that BOSABO has developed styles with revolutionary new flexi soles that take the classic clog to new heights in terms of comfort and wearability. Crafted from poplar wood with a rubber inset under the ball of the foot – these innovative new soles are not only incredibly lightweight but they flex as your walk and give a veritable spring to your step! Gone are the days of tired and sore feet after a day out in your favourite clogs...these new flexi soles make walking and wearing BOSABO clogs, sandals and boots all day (or all night) altogether possible, even with a very high heel!  

BOSABO’s classic wooden soled shoes are hand carved from beech-wood and are finished by hand with copper studs, and are available in two heel heights. BOSABO’s innovative flexi wooden soled shoes are crafted from poplar wood with a rubber inset under the ball of the foot to increase comfort and wearability, and they are available in three different heel heights. BOSABO also offers a range of flats with natural cork soles.


Once a sole has been chosen, our boutique customers can also specify the tint of the soles (natural, light brown, dark brown and black) and also the style, material and colour they want for their uppers. They can also choose the sizes they want included in their packs. Indeed, it is the fact that each pack of shoes is made to the specifications of each retail customer that make the brands value proposition is so unique.

DNC International will be showing Bosabo's new Mid Winter 20 and Spring 20  collections of flats, clogs, sandals and boots at LifeinStyle Sydney 2020 21-24th February 2020 in Darling Harbour. We will be delivering our mid Winter drops into stores in Australia and New Zealand end April 2020 and Spring drops mid August  2020.

Please contact Danielle for more information and/or to organise an appointment at the show in February. If you are unable to make LifeinStyle Sydney, please contact us ASAP to organise a private appointment. We can also email you a line sheet and price list should you wish to make your order remotely.

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